About Us

We always felt that there is something very special and fun in adding little touches to a space which turn a house into a home. Endless possibilities of combining artworks, colour, photographs or special items gathered during adventures or travels. Its been a bonding hobby for us to fill our home with elements which capture moments that tell our story, inspire our hopes and fill us with the warm and fuzzies.

So, when we were expecting our Little Cub, we wanted to welcome her into a space that would soothe her sleepy head, but also spark her imagination and surround her with love and treasured memories. What we discovered though, was that finding these items was no easy task. There were countless shops, online searches, requests for custom orders and needing to make some things ourselves to try and turn a room into a nursery and a child's bedroom. We thought it would be wonderful to be able to find all these things in one place.

As she grows, so do the small and grand adventures, the treasured moments that fill our hearts and we hope to never forget. And with them, our creativity and drive to make a space to support others who want to do the same for their Little Cubs – whether they are wild or tame.

We wanted to create a store that is a little hub full of treasures which will continue to grow and inspire little adventurers.

We hope you like our little store...